When Others Are Doing Well!

When others are doing well, be sure to celebrate them. When they end up doing the exact same thing you would like to do but haven't yet, celebrate them. Don't allow our ego to make us feel any type of way. There is more than enough for everyone. Focus on yourself, on your journey. What practical steps you need to take to get there, and you will. God will take care of the things unseen. He will close and open doors accordingly. Let him lead you. Written by someone who is not perfect, and still working on allowing God to guide me in everything. Focus on you, focus on what can be done now, you will get there. Allow the timing to line up so when you get there you are ready, and you are capable of seizing the moment. Some will say, "Screw  that mindset, go get it", but they do not account for the elements that are outside of our control, that do indeed exist. How many times did we plan but things fell through and didn't go our way, depending on perspective, that can be considered divine intervention. I have many plans, a couple of main ones. I have the visions staring right back at me. They just haven't taken off yet, because there are a couple of things within myself that I need to allow God to work out of me still. That way when I get there I am ready. It is time! You got this!